Notes from BIA Orange County Outlook Part 1

Posted: January, 27, 2012 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

Part 1 of our Notes from the BIA Outlook January 2012


The 5 Things Our Industry Should Do by Larry Webb – The New Home Company

1. Reexamine our product — our buyers have new needs, new perspectives — we need to deliver fresh design.

2. Renewed thoughtful research – Most of our good practices when out the door when the market got tough, it's time to rengage in our minds and teams to create.

3. Reaccess what goes for advertising and marketing in our business – days are gone of just one media outlet.

Concept of marketing has changed. Our children and your adults receive their news from news from online media and forums that didn't excist before. Tune into those new outlets, listen and learn.

4. Recommit to the Sales Process – Great sales people are still essential. They are the first touchstone to our buyers.

5. Rethink the management structure – We are a Team Sport. We need to engave the division president down to the buyer experience. Remove or reduce the layers so that they can understand the buyer's experience.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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