Most Common Traits of Successful People

Posted: September, 9, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

Many people aspire to achieve a high rate of success. However, becoming successful is a lot more than actions. There are common psychological components that are found in people, whether they are celebrities, authors or play a prominent role in business, who have achieved high levels of success. Here are a few of these common traits.

Willingness to Fail

It seems like an odd trait that anyone who intends to meet his or her goals would want to possess. However, acknowledging that failure can occur leads to success. People with a high level of success learn from their previous failures. These use these opportunities to learn how to make better decisions. Instead of giving up, these people find a way to persevere.


Being stern may seem like the key to success. In reality, those who experience success are quite flexible. Flexibility is not weakness. It is recognizing that an existing thought process or action is not working and changing it. Being flexible allows for a fine-tuning of a strategy that is more suitable for the current situation.


Set Realistic Goals

Successful people already know what the next day has in store for them. They have developed a set of goals and know what to focus on. It is not only important to set goals, it is important that they are realistic. The goals are centered on what is feasible and obtainable. The goals they set are focused on their strengths.

Believing that Luck Does Not Just Happen

Instead of waiting for luck to find them, these people create their own luck. Luck is created by working hard and placing themselves in a position to become successful. Each day these people do something that places them in a position to become lucky.

Do More Than Required

Going above and beyond is another trait. Most successful people do more than they need to do. Once they have completed what they need to do, they are constantly finding ways to take on new challenges. People with high levels of achievement do not avoid tedious or complex tasks.


Put Ego Aside

Having an overinflated ego can become a problem. To thrive in business, or any other environment, leave the ego at the door. It is hard to form alliances and make allies with a combative attitude. Learn to put ego and pride aside. Taking a smaller loss may be necessary to achieve a greater goal.

Able to Deal with Conflict

Nobody likes to deal with conflict. However, it is sometimes a necessity. People in positions of power do not get there without a power struggle. While running away from conflict may make people well liked, these people do not often end up in positions of power. Being willing to deal with conflict does not mean being combative all the time. It just demonstrates to other that there is a willingness to deal with issues head on.

There are several things one can do to increase their chances of success. These seven traits are a few of the characteristics that people who are highly successful have in common. Incorporating them into everyday behavior can help anyone embark on the path to success.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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