Making the Most of Your Temporary Position

Posted: April, 25, 2013 | Categories: Workplace Tips & Professionalism

Making the Most of Your Temporary Position

It wasn't so long ago that 'temps'? were thought of as office and retail workers employed during the busy holiday season. However, with the freelance market opening up, more and more businesses are realizing that they can meet many of their goals with temporary workers. This is a growing trend that may stick around for a while, regardless of what this topsyturvy economy does in the future.

If you're looking for work, now is a great time to take on a temporary assignment. Many companies today have decided to fulfill their employment needs with temporary workers. As a job seeker who takes on temporary work, you'll be able to choose what assignments or projects to take on, allowing for greater flexibility and a work style that better fits into your schedule.

If you've been hired for a temporary position, it's important that you perform your duties well. It's also essential that you establish a good professional relationship with others, as doing so may be the first step in attaining a more permanent position. Here are a few more tips that will make sure you get the most out of your new temporary position.

Get Into the Groove as Best You Can

The first day of a new job is always a bit intimidating. It is helpful to do some homework so you know more about the company where you will be working. Jot down a few facts you'll need to ease yourself into the first day or two of work. Include your supervisor's name, starting time, where you're to report and rate of pay. You'll probably be given specific instructions and assigned a workspace you'll share with others.

Use the Opportunity to Gain New Skills

A temporary position is a great opportunity for you to build your skill set. Get yourself involved in as many projects as you can. A great attitude can get you far so work with a smile, be helpful, and show that you're eager to learn new skills. Focus on being the type of temp you'd like to hire and work side-by-side with.

Make Yourself Indispensable

Avoid thinking of your temporary gigs as simply 'temp jobs'?. Instead, think of every opportunity as your chance for making yourself indispensable. If you do that and do it well, you may very well find yourself landing a long-term position with a company you'd very much like to build a career with.

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By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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