JWS Alumni: Kristin Macias’s Success in the Homebuilding Industry

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JWilliams Staffing has helped over 22,000 outstanding individuals launch a career in the Real Estate Industry. From new home sales to property management and residential maintenance, these individuals have put in the work to launch their dream career! This JWS Alumni article series will tell the unique stories of some of these successful individuals.


First hired onto the team in 2012, Kristin launched her full-time career in New Home Sales the following year!


“Ironically, I was in the process of getting my bachelor's degree for Exercise Science and saw working for JWilliams Staffing as a great way to work during the week. I ended up falling in love with the business and decided to pursue a career in new home sales.”

– Kristin Macias


When Kristin started working with JWilliams Staffing, her goals looked quite different. With the flexibility JWilliams Staffing offered, Kristin was able to work while she pursued a degree in exercise science. However, the more she worked with JWS, the more she fell in love with the New Home Sales Industry. Like so many others, Kristin hadn’t planned on it, but she realized she stumbled upon a fulfilling career path and headed in a new direction.  

While with our team, Kristin learned quickly that what you put into an assignment is what you get from it. She put in 110% to every assignment to ensure she was learning and growing with each new experience. “If you are willing to show loyalty and dedication while you are in the field, you will be surprised by how often it comes back to help you in your time of need – especially when you join on with a new builder,” said Kristin.


“I remember being 22 and going up to the community the day before the assignment to introduce myself. I was wearing jeans and the sales consultant asked me if that was what I was planning to wear the next day…”

– Kristin Macias


“…Of course it wasn’t, but it shows how far someone can come from where they are,” Kristin followed up. From her first assignment, Kristin consistently went the extra mile. The day before her first assignment, she visited the builder sales office to introduce herself to the on-site salesperson to make sure she was informed and ready to work on her first day. If there’s one thing that Kristin was during her time with JWS, it was proactive.

The best advice Kristin said she would give to anyone looking to land a full-time position is to actively seek out ways they can help. “Ask the builder what things can be done, don’t wait for them to tell you what can be done,” she said. Taking the initiative and going beyond what was expected of her is something that is a part of Kristin’s amazing work ethic and the reason she believes she was able to land a position with a great company.

Beyond JWilliams Staffing, Kristin’s success continued to soar. Hired on with Toll Brothers as a Sales Associate, she was able to rise to a Sales Manager position within a year. She was also a top three finalist for the GHBA Rookies Sales Person of the Year. A driving factor for her success within this career is her love for helping others. Kristin loves helping people embark on the exciting journey of building their dream home.



“Every person has a unique story, and it is great to know that I will be a part of the home buying chapter of their lives.”

– Kristin Macias


Families are incredibly important to Kristin. Beyond helping families in her professional life, Kristin loves being a mom to her 3 year old, Kamila. Kristin also worked for a youth conference organization when she was 19 and emceed for crowds of up to 5,000.

Kind and proactive is who Kristin is. She believes that if you are kind and excited to be at work, it goes a long way. Now being on the other side of the business and requesting coverage, she knows what it’s like and what helps candidates grow beyond their current role. “It definitely helps to be that friendly face and show you want to learn,” says Kristin. So be kind and take that next opportunity!






If you’re interested in getting your foot in the door and launching your career with JWilliams Staffing like Kristin did, click here to explore current job openings and apply.

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