Join JWilliams Staffing at the BIA Bay Area Big Show 2014

Posted: March, 18, 2014 | Categories: Staffing Agency Info | Building Industry News

Working with our industry is one of our greatest passions and is one of the reasons we love participating with our colleagues at annual shows and events. Just around the corner is one of our favorites, the BIA Bay Area Big Show! This year we're participating more than ever and we want you to come join us and meet the JWS team!

Here is a list of where we will be and what we will be doing throughout The Big Show this year:

  • JWS Professional New Home Sales Assistants providing help with BIG Trade Show registration
  • Welcoming New Home Builder's WITH A SMILE as they walk through the BIG trade show doors
  • Demonstrating professionalism-for-hire to our Builder/Clients who trust JWS to consistently provide Great People
  • Meet, greet, hand shake, help, direct '“ JWS at your service at the BIG SHOW!
  • 'Purple Pleasers'? that's us! JWS Staff and our Associates!
  • 'Full Service Placement'? – If we don't already know you '“ please introduce yourself to us JWS at the BIG Show

Even though the Big Show is only a few days away it's not too late to purchase tickets and join us! Visit The Big Show 2014 for ticket information–we hope you come and see us!





By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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