Is Temping the 'Dating' world of the Job Market?

Posted: March, 23, 2012 | Categories: Workplace Tips & Professionalism

I frequently receive phone calls or e-mails from candidates who have been working on assignment with a company for a few days, and they tell me 'If they don't present me with a job offer this week, I do not want to continue temping for that company.'?


Let's look at the facts: They like you well enough to have you working with their team, you are privy to proprietary information, they trust you to handle their prospective buyers, you are on an on-going assignment and, in many cases, have been brought in to interview and meet the executives of this company.  Why would you throw in the towel now??? Yet, it happens, and when it does, clients remember the candidate who walked away early on and usually deem them 'Not Hirable'? now or in the future.

Companies are more and more frequently taking advantage of the ability to increase their sales team through utilizing temps, adding candidates on a 'temp-to-hire'? basis and generally taking their time to make the final decision about who to ultimately hire for the position(s) available....and they should.  Candidates should also take this opportunity to evaluate a company's internal structure, their corporate culture, what their long-term mission is, and if the company's goals are in line with theirs as a potential future employee.

Reframing the way you view temping can be helpful....If you compare temping to dating, would you accept a proposal of marriage on a first (or second) date?  If someone were to propose marriage so quickly, wouldn't that seem a bit desperate? And if you genuinely liked someone you recently began dating would you insist on a proposal within a few weeks of meeting?  Generally speaking, the answer is 'No.'? So why then do so many candidates insist on a job offer up front when the candidate selection process is lengthy?

These days in the job world, we need to explore every opportunity with patience, open eyes, and an open mind; and you just might find exactly what you are looking for, the ideal job offer, just down the road.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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