HIRED! TJ Crawford shares how JWilliams Staffing led him to his dream career

Posted: April, 23, 2015 | Categories: Alumni Success Stories


TJ was hired by a national building company because of his extraordinary work ethic and motivation as a temporary assistant with JWilliams Staffing. Within three months, TJ was hired by the builder, giving him the chance to make a great income and launch his new career.

Interview: by Katana White of JWilliams Staffing (JWS)

JWS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Can you tell me where you are now in your career?

TJ: Since January, I have been working in a new community. We have made 21 new home sales out of 60 to-date. I actually made 6 sales in the first two weeks in this office, and the traffic has been continuous.

JWS: It sounds like your office is a very busy one! Is the office that you are now located one of the JWS temporary assignments you had?

TJ: No, this is actually a brand new community; I started here in mid-January. I was able to move to this new community because of a relationship I made with the area sales manager during my JWS assignments.

JWS: That is great exposure, to work directly with the area sales manager; how do you feel about your experience with JWilliams Staffing?  Do you think starting as a temp with JWS helped you accomplish your goal of working for a home builder?

TJ: Well, to be honest, I was a little apprehensive at first. I wasn't sure it would result in attaining my career goals. I quickly saw though, after working with Janis, that she was committed to helping me get hired.  She was so proactive about keeping me on assignments and finding opportunities for me.

JWS: That is great; I know Janis is very dedicated to her candidates. I am sure some of that came from your own hard work ethic too! You sound very enthusiastic and dedicated.

TJ: Well, I was able to demonstrate my skills and form a great relationship the team. I think he liked me. I also received great feedback from the other sales agents, and even from area superintendents. It was a seamless transition because of the training and also because I built a great reputation within the company.

JWS: It sounds like it was an easy hire?

TJ: Actually, no, it wasn't. DR Horton was apprehensive about hiring somebody without much experience. I think that on paper, it was apparent that I did not have the experience they typically hire, but because of the training I received from JWS, and because I used it to my advantage, I proved my abilities and enthusiasm for working in New Home Sales on-site where it counts.

JWS: So you were very proactive and also benefited from our training...

TJ: Absolutely. The JWS training definitely gave me the tools to be successful, an idea of what to expect with the builders. Overall, it was great because it gave me a realistic expectation. Knowing how to dress, learning sales tools for selling a new home, and having the resources at my disposal were very helpful. Also, for example, the training taught me that 'If you don't know something, be forthright about it; It is better to call the prospective buyers back with the correct information'?. That type of advice is really invaluable because when you are working alone, having JWilliams training materials and back office support made me look good to prospective buyers. The training was good for many things like that. I felt prepared. Janis (the Regional President) was always there to coach me and help me present my best self to the builder.

JWS: Congratulations and we wish you much success.

TJ: I love this new career. I couldn't be happier. I am a huge proponent of JWS. I had such a positive experience.


By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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