Every Assignment is a Working Interview...

Posted: February, 2, 2012 | Categories: Job Tips | Interviewing Tips | Customer Service

For all these reasons and more...we remind our applicants that Every Assignment IS truly a working interview...Employers are calling out for supplemental staff because they need to find a solution to their problem... 7 times out of 10... it's because they need to add staff.   At the very least, to provide coverage for someone who can't be there.  That's why they call us.  So you can be there and bring you're A-Game every day.  If you do...people will hear about it, for our world is small, my friends.  Our world is small.


So when we are lucky enough to be invited in the doors of these potential employers to 'temporarily'? assist them, this open door is your time to shine.  The heavens will open up and the sun will emerge from the clouds, shining again on your relevant golden head of experience.

If you know your stuff, people who know their stuff will recognize your brilliance.  You can do this.  You can get this job.  Simply by showing up on time and doing it.  Never in the history of this Division have more people been getting hired from 2 day temporary assignments turned permanent and so on.  With an attitude of gratitude and humility to do what it takes, the experienced, well-intentioned JWilliams' employee is given an opportunity that no online applicant could ever hope for.

Witness a potential employer's culture; meet their team members, they could be your future co-workers, you never know.  Work as a team with them and come back from lunch on time; your future teammate could be starving.  A residential apartment community office is like a living, breathing, Broadway performance where the cast of characters changes moment by moment.  Wait until after work to Text and Facebook , you don't want to miss anything.

Dress every day like you would on that first day.  Sharp.  Don't get too comfortable.  Keep it professional.  Not everyone needs to know every detail of your life.  You're not hired yet and even then, it's not advisable.  Learn what's important to this team.  This will help you keep the job.  Keeping your job after you get it...well that's a whole other series.

Lead with Courtesy and Respect.  Simply put ... have a great day with them.  Our client's and their residents and guests will appreciate that almost as much as you and I will.  This is opportunity at its finest to show them what you're made of.   Ah, the return of the good ole days.   People still hiring People.  If they like you...chances are they'll want you to stick around.  JWilliams Staffing opens those doors for you.  It's your job to put your best foot forward...hopefully wearing great shoes.

We all know that great shoes started out once as new ones.  You tried them on.  You walked around in them.  Did they feel comfortable?  Do you want to keep them on?  Did they fit?   Just like you trying to find the right shoes or job..all employers are looking for the right fit to help their teams succeed.

If you have been hired as a JWilliams' employee, we know you'll fit.   Want to know why?   Because we have our own intense resume sifting process and our clients know it.  That's why they call us.  We save them the time and hassle of doing all that sifting.  We save our candidates a life of endless online applications.  Together it's a win-win for everyone...

At JWilliams Staffing we are looking for the Manolo Blahniks of the property management industry.  It's all about how you walk in those shoes and what you do after you walk through that open door.   Every assignment you go on '“ no matter what the job is or for how long '“ This could be your chance to strut your stuff.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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