Candidate Spotlight: Donna Delage

Posted: March, 23, 2015 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

I recently had the chance to speak to Donna, who was recently hired by KB Homes, through JWilliams Staffing. Just one year ago, Donna was working for a competitor staffing firm with no experience in the New Home Sales industry. Flash forward to one year later, and Donna, having received three distinct job offers through JWilliams Staffing, is now currently working for one of the nation's best new home building companies. Want to know her story? Read on to find my exclusive interview with Donna.

Katana White, Marketing Coordinator (JWS): Hi Donna! Thank you for taking the time to interview with me.

Donna Delage (DD): Of course! I just loved my time with JWS and I am happy to do whatever I can to help your company! I told Allison (our Vice President of Sales in Northern California) that if you need anything at all from me, to please not hesitate to call!

JWS: A happy candidate reaffirms why we do what we do. I know Allison enjoyed her time helping you grow. Can you speak about how JWilliams was able to help you?

DD: Certainly. Well, I started out another staffing company (respectfully removed), and when I started, I thought there would be nothing to selling a new home. I was not trained but thought it would be an easy process. Well, a couple of weeks after being on the job, I realized there is a lot to learn in a busy sales office! That is when I thought I would try working with JWilliams Staffing, because I knew that they had a training process and heard great things about them from others.

JWS: We sure do. As a Marketing Coordinator, I know I would be intimidated to sell a new home without a little training!

DD: Yes, so I met with Allison Davis of JWilliams Staffing Northern California, and through her training, I learned some tricks, sharpened some of my skills, and I was off to an assignment within no time at all!

JWS: And how was that first assignment after having worked with Allison?

DD: I felt much more prepared for the busy sales office! As I have just started my new position, I can already see so many benefits from the assignments I worked for you and how those benefits translate into my hitting the floor really well prepared to be an agent.   I am also very grateful for the diversity of the assignments that I went on- I think that I got the best of both worlds being on long-term and short term assignments and in different locations.

JWS: That is music to our ears. We work hard on making training courses that are helpful. We know from our builder client feedback that it does help our candidates get hired, and it sounds like it helped you.

DD: I believe and know that first hand. I told Allison that the JWilliams training had me prepared for the intense training that KB Homes had me go through. I felt a little ahead of the curve even!

JWS: Great. Donna, it has been a pleasure to speak to you. I am so glad we could help you.

DD:  It was such a pleasure to work for JWilliams Staffing.  I can't wait until it is my turn to order staffing help. I hope that all New Home and Multi Family companies use JWilliams Staffing; after my great experience being a candidate with JWilliams, I have total trust with you all.  You are the best staffing company out there – don't ever forget that.  I will be in touch soon.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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