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Posted: April, 30, 2014 | Categories: Info

Successful businesses are built when great leadership exists. While anyone can have a fantastic idea or award winning product, it takes an innovative mind and an adaptable personality to bring that idea to life and execute it in a way that demands the attention of the marketplace. For most, great leadership abilities are not skills that they are just born with. Rather, it takes time, thoughtfulness and dedication to develop them. Here are some of the key elements that make up a great leader.

Honesty and Integrity

Great leaders are honest, committed to their cause and confident in their abilities. They realize that their actions directly reflect on their business, and they behave in a way that builds consumer confidence and boosts the team alliance of all employees. These individuals remain committed to honest communication even when the message they must deliver is a difficult one, and they are confident in their own abilities and the ability of their team to be successful.

Realizing The Strengths of Others

Great leaders also realize that they are only as strong as the team they work with. They view those working beneath them as coworkers, and they delegate tasks to those individuals in order to give them opportunities to shine and most effectively get the job done on time and on budget. Their leadership abilities also include the ability to clearly communicate assignments in person, via email and over the phone. Part of their strong communication skills includes the ability to articulate their needs and listen to the needs of their workforce. Many incorporate an open door policy into their way of doing business, and all make regular efforts to meet with their teams and brainstorm about the best ways to get the job done right.

It Is All About The Attitude

Sometimes leadership is all about maintaining the right attitude. Great leaders believe in their business even when times are tough, and they remain positive when the chips are down. They understand how to boost energy levels and company morale and maintain a fine balance between productivity and playfulness. The best leaders know when the time is right to bring donuts to the office, take time out for a company-wide game of volleyball or reward key players with vacation time, a nice dinner or tickets to their favorite movie. They maintain a sense of humor when the company's website crashes or an important document is lost, and encourage their employees to laugh about mistakes while also finding the right course of action to fix them. By mixing a little playfulness, a dash of humor and just the right amount of motivation, great leaders encourage productivity and dedication to the team.

A Passion for The Job at Hand

True leaders believe in the work at hand, and they are passionate about it. They love what they do and believe that their company makes a contribution to the economy, community or global world. They are on a mission to share their products or services with the world, and they are never afraid to express their dedication to the organization. True leaders eat, sleep and breathe their jobs, but they are also able to have a healthy work / life balance that provides them with personal happiness. They are never afraid to take risks or make mistakes, and they are often perceived as fearless by others.

Adaptable Leaders

Great leaders understand their style of leadership, and they are able to adapt it to meet the needs of the company and the individuals they work with. Whether they are charismatic leaders, innovators, command and control bosses, pace setters or situational leaders, these individuals understand their strengths and weaknesses and listen to others so they can incorporate the traits of other leaders into their routine in order to advance their intended goals.

Genuine and Supportive

Perhaps more than anything else, great leaders are supportive and genuine. They are interested in more than just their own success, and they regularly communicate that to employees working under them. They empower associates to try their hardest, challenge themselves and always do their best. Great leaders consistently hold true to their values, and they expect the same of all of their colleagues. They do not play favorites and understand the value of making everyone feel like an important part of the process.

Leadership is about believing in yourself and having the guts to realize your weaknesses, work to improve them and focus on your strengths. Great leadership traits begin young, and they can benefit you throughout your life in many ways. Incorporate these key elements into your life and everyday routine, and you will certainly motivate your team, improve your business dynamics and create an extraordinary organization in the process.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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