B2B The Way to Be for a Franchisee

Posted: November, 30, 2013 | Categories: JWilliams Staffing Franchise Info | Staffing Agency Info


The word 'franchise'? in and of itself might be viewed as a buzzword among aspiring entrepreneurs, simply because many don't want to stick their name on another's product or operate under outside restrictions. Yet studies have shown that it is often much easier to succeed through a franchise opportunity as opposed to a start-up. For a working professional looking to transition from the corporate world to self-employment, a staffing franchise through JWilliams Staffing might be just the opportunity he or she has been waiting for.

B2B Franchise Benefits

Owning a B2B franchise offers a wealth of benefits over traditional retail franchises. By providing needed staffing services to another business, you generate a mutually beneficial relationship with them as the success of both of your respective companies is at stake. Thus, they are more likely to send other businesses your way as you continue to provide exceptional services to them. As more and more companies are looking to outsource certain staffing services such as property and building management as opposed to maintaining a dedicated staff, the need for staffing franchises has never been higher.

With a B2B franchise, you're not at the mercy of having to find and maintain a prime retail location, plus you operate at the speed and time of other businesses, not the consumer. This means fewer long nights and less stress associated with marketing as you can focus on direct, targeted marketing of a particular clientele as opposed to general marketing aimed at a much larger demographic. Couple that with the advantage that you get from the brand recognition of your franchisor, and you can see why some estimate that almost 90% of B2B franchises succeed as opposed to other franchise models.

A Chance to Put Your Skills to Work for You

If you're looking for a better way to translate the skills in marketing, sales, customer service, and systems management that you attained in the corporate world into a personal venture, you may find no better way to do so than with a B2B franchise. You already speak the operating language of your clients; all you need then are resources that the franchisor provides to you.

The housing market can be relied upon to do one thing: fluctuate. Now may be your best chance to finally embark on that journey into entrepreneurship that you've been waiting for. A JWilliams Staffing franchise could be your ticket to getting there.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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