4 Key Characteristics of a Temporary Real Estate Associate

Posted: January, 7, 2014 | Categories: Sales and Customer Service | Workplace Tips & Professionalism

Landing a Permanent Job Through Temping


It's no surprise that a temporary real estate position can easily turn into a full time job if you play your cards right. Whether you are covering a leasing consultant position or you are helping to organize special events for the holidays, many real estate offices rely on temporary help from a real estate staffing agency to get them through busy times. If you display an infectious personality and an exceptional skill-set, however, the employer may ask to keep you for longer than expected.

Here are just a few key characteristics that a real estate employer is looking for in their next full-time staff member from a recruitment agency like ours:

  • Become an Expert at the Task at Hand: With temporary positions enlisted from a real estate staffing franchise, it isn't uncommon to be placed in a wide variety of tasks, including general office administration, escrow and mortgage, accounting, marketing or new home sales. Once you find out what you are working with, become an expert in that area. Your employer will definitely notice that you are more than a temporary fill-in, and start to see how your assets can lead the company to greatness.
  • Be Dependable: No matter what task is given to you, always have it completed according to the highest quality standards and have it turned in on time. Let your employer know that while you are temporary from a recruitment franchise, you can be counted on to participate in the company's success.
  • Work Well With Others: Try to develop a good, professional rapport with other associates in the company. Show that you fit in with the office culture, and that you could easily become one of the regulars.
  • Show Your Pizazz: Make yourself stand out from the crowd by showing your outgoing and unique personality. Although you'll always want to remain professional and classy, don't be afraid to approach others, ask questions, be energetic and get the job done.

Associates who always put their best foot forward and submit quality work regardless of the task make great real estate staffing franchise members. For those who operate a recruitment franchise such as JWilliams Staffing, training your employees to keep up with the ever-growing market will ensure your company has a reputation for producing amazing associates.

By JoAnne Williams
Founder, President and CEO

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