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Promise Speak: 1 Minute Biz Tip From Shawna Schuh

Posted On: January, 17, 2013 | Categories: Building Industry News

Remove the doubt while you think and speak by shifting from 'possibility speak'? to 'promise speak.'? In this 1 Min Biz Tip, Shawna Schuh, a Certified Speaking Professional focusing on Profitable People Skills, shares how this shift can help you think and speak with more power. Shawna Schuh is an extraordinary expert on people skills,......

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The Cream of the Crop: Hiring the Right People Now is Critical to Success Later

Posted On: January, 12, 2013 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

As home builders prepare to ramp up, what can they do to ensure they are attracting the best candidates, avoiding legal minefields and winning the game of growth through strategic acquisition? This will be critical to their success and a topic of discussion that we at JWilliams Staffing are passionate about! Our Founder and CEO,......

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JWilliams Staffing Publishes Second Annual Guide On Building Industry Compensation And Benefits

Posted On: July, 11, 2012 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

With home-buying activity the highest it has been in two years and interest rates at record lows, home builders are requesting the most permits in years, and as new construction increases, new jobs are being created. As California builders step up their hiring, they will find indispensable information in the newly-published 2012 Building Industry Compensation......

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Notes from BIA Orange County Outlook Part 1

Posted On: January, 27, 2012 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

Part 1 of our Notes from the BIA Outlook January 2012...

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Homebuilder hiring trends: you're being tested by JoAnne Williams

Posted On: May, 11, 2011 | Categories: Building Industry News | Customer Service

Hiring in the building industry has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. You really have to be sharp these days to get asked in for an interview. However the interview is just one step in a long process. And that process starts long before you step foot in the door for your first meeting....

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Homebuilding e-learning program announced

Posted On: May, 11, 2011 | Categories: Temporary Staffing | Building Industry News | Customer Service

JWilliamsStaffing, a provider of homebuilding sales professionals and premium training programs, announced the development of the first-ever e-Learning and Certification Program for Sales Professionals in the U.S. homebuilding and sales industry....

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Assessing home sales talent

Posted On: March, 22, 2011 | Categories: Interviewing Tips | Building Industry News

Let's face it. Consumer confidence in home purchasing still lags and home sales are harder to close than they were just a few years ago. Today's builder has to take a harder look at the talent pool and the potential candidates they bring in to participate in the sales process....

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