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JWilliams Staffing Is At The Front Of The Pack On The Front Range

You’ll probably never see someone from JWilliams Staffing pounding pitons into solid rock to climb the Denver area’s magnificent peaks. But, we do reach new heights every day by keeping sales offices open when you’re short on staff or need extra help.

A sales office is useless with a closed sign on the door. Avoid missing revenue opportunities by allowing JWS to fill your empty chairs with top real estate talent. JWilliams Staffing became the nation’s leading provider of real estate sales and professionals by responding quickly to client needs with experienced and reliable full-time and temporary personnel. We even offer a temp-to-hire program that allows you to see how our carefully recruited candidates are screened and perfectly matched to your needs, helping you save on costly hiring mistakes.

The greater Denver real estate market has its ups and downs, so staffing requirements frequently change. Last minute occurrences such as vacations, illness, sales meetings, training or other unforeseen events can keep your best sales professionals off the job, requiring immediate staffing assistance. You can count on JWilliams Staffing for one-stop, full-service order processing that sends you individuals hand-selected for the best experience and cultural fit. Not just “seat warmers,” but trained temporary and full-time professionals ready to hit the ground running.
Some of the areas where we can help include:

  • New Homes Sales Assistants
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • General Office and Admin Staff
  • Escrow and Mortgage Professionals
  • Bilingual Personnel
  • Executive Level Placement
  • Industry Support Professionals
  • Special Event / Grand Opening Specialists

Our Colorado real estate staffing and recruitment locations include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Boulder
  • Ft. Collins

For over 15 years, we’ve built this company by forming partnerships in professionalism between expert recruiters and respected real estate employers, assigning one associate with one employer at a time. We keep up on Denver’s housing trends, participate in our local industry associations and hire people who demonstrate commitment and a visible pride in Denver and surrounding communities.

So, when you need a company that will go the “extra mile” in the Mile High City, staff for success with JWilliams Staffing.

Philip Eidenschink

Philip Eidenschink


Philip brings over 30 years of experience in the new home building industry to the table. His diverse management experiences include sales, operations, architecture, construction, purchasing, warranty, safety, and storm water management. As a former executive in the home building industry, he has been able to help our clients grow their business by utilizing our services and systems for making hiring right easier. Philip has the connections you are looking for. 

As a member of the Home Builders Association, he sits on the nationally recognized Sales and Marketing Council (SMC) working directly with builders in Colorado. He is also a member of the Associate Members Council with the HBA adding value to their efforts to grow our industry. He was recently elected to serve on the executive board of directors of the HBA of Metro Denver. Philip is also a member of the NoCO HBA. Having been a Certified Sales Person through the NAHB for the past 15 years, Philip understands your business.
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